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It is Our Job to Help You

About Relational Concepts


If used correctly, information can be a powerful strategic tool. We help our clients use that tool to its maximum, giving them a decisive edge on their competitors.

Our activities include management consulting and planning, web site design and development, systems analysis and integration, all levels of applications development, voice and data communications, systems programming and technical support, and full-time placement services. 

Our process

Our company provides clients with individual or team skills on a contract assignment or full-time basis throughout the United States, with locally based personnel with a minimum of five years of experience. We offer our clients nothing less than complete state-of-the-art systems technology support.

Dependent upon the project duration and the number of qualified professionals assigned to it by Relational Concepts, special financial arrangements can be made. Our company has a proven record of furnishing clients with the excellent technical support to successfully complete assignements -- ON TIME and AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

Our obligation

While on assignment, all staff works under the direction and control of the client. Consultants adhere to the high standards and code of ethics set out by Relational Concepts in addition to those put forward by the client.

Why choose our services

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We are always happy to help out!

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